spirit and truth

We are so excited that you are considering taking the next step in plugging into our worship ministry!  

Here are a few things that you should know in advance:

  1. We are about one thing, the worship of Jesus.  We are not about performing, we are not about music, we are about ushering people into worship of Jesus.  That is what drives this ministry.  Songs are great but Jesus is the only thing we should be worshipping!
  2. God is worthy of our excellence and so we push very hard to be excellent at what we do.  Not so that we can be known as "the awesome worship team" but because God deserves our best just as he gave us His best in sending Jesus for us!
  3. We audition everyone.  Don't be offended that we are asking you to audition.  We want to be up front with you about what we are about and we also want to be sure you are a great fit for the ministry.  
  4. There is a time commitment to be serving on the worship team.  We rehearse not only on Sunday mornings but we also expect you to come to rehearsal prepared.  These things are non-negotiable.    

If these things excite you then follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the worship team application below.
  2. Submit a video audition.  This should include one worship song of your choice being sung or played by you.  You may have other things
  3. Begin to prepare the songs below based on your instrument and/or voice.
  4. Schedule an audition time with Pastor Adam (adam.boylan@harvestfortwayne.org) or come to an open audition that is scheduled.  

What to prepare

You should attempt to match the recording part for your instrument/ voice to the best of your ability including, rhythm, tone, and melodic content.  We will be listening to see how well you stick to the part and also how well you fit within the band.

Acoustic Guitar

     From the Day

     Worthy, Worthy

Electric Guitar

     Open Up The Heavens

     All Glory

Piano/ Keys

     Christ is Enough

     Worthy, Worthy


     From the Day     

     Bound for Glory

     Worthy, Worthy



     From the Day

     Call on the Name

Female Vocalist

     Melody on Worthy, Worthy

     Harmony on Call on the Name

Male Vocalist

     Melody on Call on the Name

     Harmony on Worthy, Worthy


When you come in to audition you will play through/ sing your songs with members of the worship team.  There may be several people just sitting in the room listening to what is going on as well.  Once you have played through your songs expect that you may receive some feedback and /or some suggestions to try something a different way.  


  • Your music unless you have the songs memorized (which would be preferred but is not a requirement)
  • Your guitar and pedal board.  The church does not have those things for you to use.
  • A pair of ear buds.  We use only in ear monitoring and so in order for you to hear what you are playing and what others are playing you will need a pair of ear buds for the audition.