Thanks for Applying!

In this next phase of the hiring process, we are asking you to perform some of the tasks you will be asked to do on a regular basis. 

Please start by downloading the ZIP file found HERE.   You will find all the files needed to complete the tasks and our church logos and church font (Gibson) in the zip file for you to use as needed.

Task 1 - Sermon Slides / Notes

Find the Sermon Manuscript in the Zip file. Based on those notes...

-Create sermon slides in PowerPoint or Keynote as you would see them on Sunday Morning during the preaching. Use the "We Are Your Church - 3.jpg" as the basis for the design of the slides. Only include the outline and the verses. Keep in mind that there will be no animation and each slide will be a separate picture file. Once completed, export each of the slides as JPEGs. 

-Create a half-sheet, sermon notes page for our church bulletin substituting blanks for some of the key words. This will be used in Task2. 

Task 2 - Bulletin. 

Look at bulletiin_info.xlsx and create a new church bulletin based on the information found there. 

-1/2 Sheet


-sermon notes on the back side. 

Task 3 - Announcement Slides

From bulletin_info.xlsx, create PowerPoint or Keynotes slides for those announcements. Export each slide as JPEGs.

Task 4 - Sermon Logo

Create a sermon series logo for the following series: "God, I have Questions" The Book of Habakkuk.

Task 5 - Data Entry

From "FriendshipRegister.pdf", add the data to "Data Entry Sheet.xlsx"

Send all the files back in a ZIPped folder named "YourName." (ex. Send the file to Pastor Adam at 

Hang tight while we prepare your form...