Harvest Launch - Project Management


We are excited for the launch of your new Harvest Bible Chapel! And we are eager to help in any way we can. 

Chances are, you are here because you have been asked by your church planting pastor to help him organize and carry out the launch project. Launching a church is a major PROJECT and a little project management training can go a long way to help. 

Pastor Jamie is a certified project manager who was the church planting pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Fort Wayne. Our team has been there…done that…and we've learned some lessons along the way! This website is designed to help you as best we can from our experience.  

Start here...

We have broken the entire launch project into one list called "The Launch Plan." This is similar to a Gantt Chart list that is broken up into months. 

Launch Plan Document - PDF EXCEL


Now that you have the Launch Plan Document, let's talk about how to get it from Gantt to ToDo! This video should help!

Additional Resources...

It is ESSENTIAL to have a good Contact Resource Management system (CRM)! If you don't already use one, this excel spreadsheet will help!

Harvest CRM - EXCEL

Here's a video explaining how it can be used. 

Tools to help you manage the launch project