We are excited for your desire to receive biblical counseling. It is our prayer that you see yourself changing and growing to be more like Christ and in doing so, that you find the help that you need. We are sure that you probably have some questions regarding our counseling. We would like to take a few moments and answer a few common ones.

1. What kind of concerns do people that come for counseling have?

        We see people who are dealing with all kinds of problems, but the most common problems are marriage difficulties, parenting challenges, life habits that are hard to break, depression, pornography, etc. We believe that God’s Word has the answers for ALL of life’s problems. 

2. Are your counselors qualified? 

         All of our counselors go through a rigorous training program in biblical counseling. They spend hours in class room training, observation, and personal study. 

3. What can I expect? 

      We believe the following:

           1.  We believe the Bible provides guidance and instruction for faith and life. Therefore, our counseling comes straight  from Scripture rather than from psychology or psychiatry. 

           2. Confidentiality is VITAL to our ministry. Unless the Bible or the law mandates otherwise, what is shared in the counseling room will be kept with strict confidence. 

           3. Your counselor will give you love, respect, and compassion. This is important to us, as Christ was loving and compassionate as He shared truth with those who were hurting. 

       Also, we are committed to training individuals to effectively counsel others. From time to time there may be trainees observing your counseling sessions. As observers, the trainees are under the direct supervision of the counselor and will not actively participate in the sessions. They are also held to the same confidentiality requirements as the counselor. 

4. What do you expect from me? 

     We ask our counselees to make three commitments. 

            1, Time - Changing and growing is not a quick takes time. People don’t arrive in difficult situations overnight and they won’t get out of them overnight. Though it’s hard to say how long your counseling process will be, plan on 12-14 weeks. 

            2. Learner’s Spirit – We are asking for permission to speak truth into your life in areas where we see biblical change is  needed. We are asking that you listen with a humble heart and be willing to learn and grow. 

           3. Work Ethic – We will be giving you homework in each session. Our time together will not be the “Magic Hour” where  everything is fixed. The real growth and change happens in your everyday life! Be prepared to be studying the Bible  on a more intense level, to be reading good theological material, to be memorizing verses, journaling...and many  more useful ways to apply God’s truth to your life!

           4. Bring an Advocate – For more information on advocacy, click here

5. What does counseling cost? 

     Biblical Counseling at Redemption Bible Church, Fort Wayne is FREE to everyone. You do not need to attend our church to receive counseling, however we strongly encourage you to attend church regularly. 

If you are OK with all of the above, simply click the link below to fill out the application and someone will be in touch with you.